Small Cat/Dog/Fish Food Extruder

Single Screw Fish Feed Extruder Machine for Fish and Pet Feed Pellets

From the perspective of purposes, extrusion bulking machine can be divided into cereal extruder machine(mainly used for puffing corn, millet and other grain cereals), flour extruder(mainly used for puffing wheat and flour), soybean extruder (mainly used for puffing soybean) and feed extruder machine (mainly used for food extrusion, poultry feed or puffing single raw material). 

As a type of feed inflating machine, fish feed extruder, including single screw fish feed extruder and doublescrew fish feed extruder, is mainly designed for producing pellet feed for fish, shrimp, pets and other aquaculture. With higher feed conversion ratio, fish compound feed produced by single screw fish feed extruder can maintain high water quality of fishpond.

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