Double Screw Extruder Machine Pet Food

Single Screw Extruder Machine Pet Food

Component Part of Single Screw Extruder Machine Pet Food. As the leading professional pet food production line and pet food machine series manufacturer, Ainuok pet food  Machinery has released two types of single screw pet food extruder-dry type and wet type pet food extruders so as to meet the ever-increasing demand for pet food pellet production.

Q:  What is the biggest difference between dry-type pet food and wet-type single-screw pet food extruder machine?

A: With the same power, the biggest difference is that the wet type extruder with a larger capacity has a conditioner for the steam boiler while the dry type doesn’t, so the latter one is cheaper. Besides, feed pellets produced by wet-type pet food extruder is much more smooth.

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